X-06 Hosim 1:10 scale rc car review







Drive System:4 WD

Frequency:2.4 GHz

Charging Time: About 4 hrs for 1 battery, totally

Remote Distance: 80 Meters

Running Time : 1 battery for 20 min,2 batteries can be used for 40 minutes

Remote control Battery:2pcs 1500mAh High Capacity Battery

390 brushed motor



It has two colors of body, I think both colors are cool, one is black and the other is blue and orange. In addition to the remote control and charger, there is also a storage bag and tools for cleaning the car, pins and screwdrivers to fix the car shell in the package, which is very considerate. This is a brushed rc car, and its motor is powerful 390 brushed motor. The RC Buggy is equipped with 2 x 1500mAh high quality batteries, you can enjoy driving for more than 40 minutes at a time (more than 20 minutes per battery)


Body shell:

The X-06 comes with two painted Lexan bodies (black and blue&orange), regardless of which color you order. I like the design in both colors, black would be cool. At the same time, blue & orange are very eye-catching, you can easily recognize x-06 in a bunch of rc cars.



The remote control truck is built around a durable tub style chassis that protect the electronics.The chassis of the X-06 is basically the same as the X-07, but some parts are changed, such as it motor is brushed, which can explain why it is cheaper than other 1/10 rc cars.



The motor of the x-06 is a blue powerful 390 brushed motor. The motor is made of high-quality materials to maximize efficiency. Engineered for maximum energy conversion. I checked hosim's website, this brushed motor is also suitable for 9125 and 9126rc car.




Battery mounting system:

The Car equipped with 2 Pack Battery. It is two 1500mah batteries. When a battery is dead, you can have a replacement battery, and there is no situation where there is only one battery and you need to wait for it to be fully charged before playing with the rc car.Of course, you can also use both batteries together. rc car will get faster speed when you use two batteries together


X06 has high torque steering servo. 2.2kg servo with higher precision, better fixation, faster response and softer acceleration. 30A ESC delivers great power, torque and top speed as the Racing Buggy zips around the track, park or street! Includes an RC monster truck transmitter with a range of up to 100 meters/328 feet and 2.4Ghz. Features responsive steering, brake and throttle functions. You can race with your friends or kids at the same time.


Aluminum Metal Shocks

 Four aluminum metal shocks with an off road suspension makes the rc monster trucks fun on all surfaces. Huge trailing arm and heavy-duty linkages,along with functionallimit-straps, keep the solid axle firmly positioned.



This x06 is the lowest price 1/10 scale rc car I have ever bought. Generally speaking, I think x06 is a cheap replacement version of x07 and x08. Except for some accessories that are different from x07 and x08, there is no difference. Although it's cheap, it has high speed.RC drift car with built-in high power motor, splits the waves in the curves and amazing speed in the straights. Full speed up to 48+Km/h. Ultra monsters cars with heat sink to maintain good performance while prolonging service life. You can drive the rc crawler on a variety of terrains such as sand, desert, 45°climbing, puddles and grass. I think this X06 is very suitable for beginners. When you are not very familiar with the operation of rc car, you can start with this x06 and try it out. Also great as a gift for kids as it is so easy to operate

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