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FC10 Hosim 1:14 scale rc car review

by Irene Chan 29 Aug 2023 0 Comments





Drive System:4 WD

Frequency:2.4 GHz

Charging Time: About 4 hrs for 1 battery, totally

Remote Distance: 80 Meters

Running Time : 1 battery for 20 min,2 batteries can be used for 40 minutes

Remote control Battery:2pcs Li-Po 7.4V 2000mAh batteries

390 brushed motor



 It bigger than 1:16 1:18 ,the toys cars made of safety, non-toxic, anti- collision and anti-impact material;Tough Rubber Wheels give the fast remote control car effective traction for bashing on almost any terrain.rc monster truck highly responsive steering and throttle, you can racer with your friends or kids at the same time. Splash waterproof electronic components make a all-terrain vehicle out of this truck. No worries to run this remote control cars on grassland , sands, and bumpy grounds.



Body shell:

Fc10 has two colors of car shells, pink and blue. It is worth noting that there is only one color of car shell in each package, so you need to choose the color when purchasing.



The hobby grade and chassis are well designed, meaning the rc vehicle can take a real beating.Because it is a 1:14 scale car, the chassis will be relatively smaller. Although small,hosim's production process is still very good, and the quality is also very good




The motor of the FC10 is a red powerful 390 brushed motor. The motor is made of high-quality materials to maximize efficiency. Engineered for maximum energy conversion. I checked hosim's website, this brushed motor is also suitable for 9125 and X06 car.


Battery mounting system:

The Car equipped with 2 pcs Li-Po 7.4V 2000mAh When a battery is dead, you can have a replacement battery, and there is no situation where there is only one battery and you need to wait for it to be fully charged before playing with the rc car. With power indicator to let you know the battery health easilier.the rc car for boys and adults will run for up to 40 minutes at a time!



For the price, this car is unbelievably good. It's fast. Very fast. Fast enough on pavement that I turned the throttle down until I could get used to it. Luckily, this is a simple adjustment on the top of the transmitter, so easy to adjust for young ones to get used to it. It's 4WD with good ground clearance. The video shows it starting out in a lawn that hasn't been mowed in 6 days, during peak growing season, so it's fairly tall. As you can see, it goes just fine in tall grass. I also ran it on bare dirt and it's almost as fast on bare dirt as it is on pavement.It's not just a street racer, it's an off-road champion. This thing jumps, crawls, and does almost everything I could want an RC car to do. I've run it through the mud, over gravel, and it's taken the beatings like a champ. I regularly take it to the backyard with lots of obstacles, and it handles them all easily. Its waterproofing has held up well too. After some muddy off-road adventures, I could rinse it off without any issues. The controls are responsive and easy to get the hang of, making it as fun for beginners as for more experienced RC enthusiasts. What I love most is that it feels sturdy and well-built despite its speed. The parts don't feel flimsy, and it's survived more than a few high-speed crashes and jumps without a scratch. Most of the drivetrain parts are made of metal and are durable. It also has some excellent LEDs which can be changed on the controller. All in all, this RC Car has exceeded my expectations. This is definitely one I'd recommend to anyone looking for a robust, fast, and fun RC car

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