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Welcome to hosim hobby store, we focus on large-scale high-speed remote control cars and other remote control products. We have an independent brand "Hosim", which was registered by Shenzhen Qianhai Hexin Technology Co., Ltd. in 2016, and has been successful on different online platforms. We provide a variety of radio remote control car products, and we guarantee that you can find various prices, proportions and configurations here. Meet all your needs and expectations for remote control cars.
We believe that you can get the most cost-effective products on our website.

Shenzhen Qianhai Hexin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in China in 2016. It currently has offices and independent warehouses in the United States to meet the localized delivery needs of the United States. At the same time, it has set up an operation center in China to meet global delivery needs. .

The hosim brand focuses on remote control car products, and is committed to providing high-quality remote control car products and services to all remote control car enthusiasts, so that more people can understand the remote control car, and become the promoter of the remote control car industry, and our customers are enjoying it. Grow together in the fun of remote control car.

We are committed to meeting all the needs and opinions of our customers, providing professional services, including product consultation and order services. You can contact us regardless of whether you have purchased products on the website.

If you have any questions, please contact U.S. Customer Service Specialist: Phone +1(989)430-5314

Or send an email to the customer service mailbox support@hosim.com
The mail service generally responds within 24 hours, providing answers to related questions and solutions.

US office and warehouse address: 3113 Glenfield Ave, Dallas, TX 75233