1:10 HOSIM (Upgraded) X08 RC Car Review




Model:X-08(upgraded by x07)


Drive System:4 WD

Frequency:2.4 GHz

Charging Time: About 4 hrs for 1 battery, totally

Remote Distance: 80 Meters

Running Time : 1 battery for 20 min,2 batteries can be used for 40 minutes

Remote control Battery: 3*1.5V AAA Batteries ( Not included )

2847 Brsushless Motor

2pcs 2600mAh High Capacity Battery



This HOSIM X-08 is an upgraded version of the X-07. The X-08 mainly upgrades the accessories on the basis of X-07. Marketed towards both kids and adults, this model claims a top speed of 68kph (42.25 MPH). HOSIM estimates you’ll enjoy up to 40 minutes of runtime when using a 5,200 mAh battery.(If you want to use the 5200mAh battery, you may need to buy it separately, because there are only 2 pcs 2600mAh batteries in the package)


Body Shell:

The X-08 comes with two painted Lexan bodies (blue&red and Neo pink &neon green), regardless of which color you order. The body is extremely durable and light, surviving many tumbles during testing without cracking or breaking. I recommend leaving the plastic film on them for the first few runs, which will help keep your bodies looking new for longer.



The chassis of the X-08 is basically the same as the X-07, but they have upgraded some parts, the battery, the udder connecting pole , the motor and the front bumper are all upgraded, which I think will make the car stronger and more durable.





Battery mounting system:

The Car equipped with 2 Pack Battery. Compared with the X-07, the battery case is harder.There is an extra hard shell on the outside of the battery, which can better protect the battery I believe it will improve the battery life to a certain extent.



Shocks & Shock Towers:

X-08 has 4 Sets Of Ultra Solid Aluminum Shocks.The remote control car built with 6 PCS Metal Shocks special designed for tough environments and any rugged roads. In addition, I also found that x-08 has upgraded and added something to the front bumper which may enhanced car collision avoidance function.




X-08 upgraded 2847 Brushless Motor and upgrade from blue to red

Extreme Brushless RC power 2847 brushless motor,you can break the speed limit up to about 68+KMH.Compared with the brushed motor, the life of the brushless motor is 2-3 times that of the brush motor.



Rudder connecting pole:

In the past, the rudder connecting pole of x-07 were made of plastic, and they upgraded the material of the rudder connecting pole of X-08 to metal on the basis of x-07.Make the  rudder connecting pole stronger.Ensure the longevity of the products. advanced linearity and accuracy with precision potentiometers,stable,low noise,water-proof. Honestly,this is really good you don’t find these components as metal on many more much more expensive brands and yet here they are providing it at this price.



Previously, the X-07 had a 2.2kg waterproof servo, but the upgraded version offers a 3.0kg waterproof servo instead.,four wheels are installed independent suspension springs let cross-country car body is more flexible and plays shockproof function to protect electronic components inside the car body;Off-road rubber tires material is made of high quality PVC material, soft and elastic can be adjusted based on the road


The X-08 uses a 2-in-1 ESC/receiver combo. This combo is rated at 45A, is 2S/3S capable, and uses 3.5mm connectors for the brushless motor. Although the combo isn’t advertised as being waterproof, the car itself is rated as “IPX4.” I didn’t run into any issues with water exposure during testing. It has two plugs (for the ESC fan and the lights). You will need to use a servo splitter if you want to install additional accessories to the X-08.



I tested the x-08 in skate parks, roads, lawns, dirt, and flat ground with water.It performed better than I expected.Except for a little scratch on the body shell, there are basically no other problems with the car. The car is fast, everything works, and the battery last more than my kids attention span. When on low speed range, it can last days without recharging, when on top speed mode, it still lasts more than 20 minutes. Ive played it in snow and wet grass, the car gets wet inside the shell body but it still runs fine.  It also ran high speed and punched a hole in the wood door in the house, but sustained no damage on the car.Car itself is built quite durable. It has quite a few metal parts to make sure it doesn't break right away, excellent as crashing it is very easy. Oil shocks add stability and brushless motor gives it a good boost of power. Wheelies almost every time off the start. The 1/10 scale makes it a good sized beast especially flying at full speed. Therefore, I highly recommend to buy X-08, it is definitely an excellent car among the rc cars at the same price.

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